We offer shopping in two areas.

Just between the South and Main beaches, there is a cluster of charming shops which offer fashion, beachwear, watersport accesories, handmade craft, art, music and much more.

There is also a row of shops on the right, just before the park entrance that offer food & craft. 

Indulge in a little retail therapy to complete your getaway. 

D Pottery & Batik House

Batik, Pottery, Art, Beachwear, Clothing, Fashion Accessories
Location: On the right, just before the main entrance. 

Fuzzy Mango

Beachwear, Clothing, Fashion Accessories, Watersport gear, Mini-mart  
Phone: 1 (868) 631-5119
Location: Jetty area

Pigeon Point Boutique C/A

Jewelry, Handmade crafts, Clothing, Bags, Gifts & Souvenirs

Phone: 1 (868) 777-4977
Location: Jetty area

Planet Ceramics

Decorative & practical ceramics, Jewelry, Lighting

1 (868) 631-8101
Location: Jetty area

Young King of the Island

Souvenirs, Gifts, Art & Craft, Clothing, Jewelry, Music
Phone: 1 (868) 754-6524
Location: Jetty area



Helen George

Clothing, Beachwear, Beach Toys
Location: Jetty area